Examples of real utopian societies

Are you trying to locate someone who shares your mindset? If not, there is no need to read more as it means that people who think just like you are already around you.

There is only one way to create a real utopian society, an actual example to demonstrate how it can be done.
You must want try to coerce others to adopt your views.
Or does it appeal to you more to endorse foolishness?

I was attempting to become married this year since there would have been tax benefits.
They said to me marrying is not about obtaining financial benefit.
They were lacking in enthusiasm for working together.

They're infatuated with the idea of finding what you love to do. They're lying to themselves.
A few per cent of today's employment level would be ample to live luxuriously by historical standards.

People ask how I pay the bills as I rarely work.
I counter why they compensate popular liars by spending money on Hollywood.
Why do they covet big vehicles and private property?
Is it not apparent that they admire traveling only as long as it's well-respected by the mainstream?

They're sure that society can't change. But as children, they dreamt about omniscience, perfect relationships, and utopias. We are still children in our thoughts.
We'll create a utopian society based on rational thinking.