Do you want to join a cult?

Do you want to be hunting down a person who agrees with you? If not, there is no need to read further as it means that people who think just like you are already around you.

You must crave to force others to think like you.
Or do you prefer to encourage foolishness?

I was planning to marry someone this year because it would have resulted in lower taxes.
They told me they wouldn't do that for the convenience.
They were lacking in excitement for working together or to join a cult.

They think the most wonderful thing is to find what you love to do. They're lying to themselves.
People ask how I make ends meet as I'm often unemployed.
I counter why they compensate convincing pretenders by spending money on Hollywood.
Why do they wish for automobiles and private property?
Is it not obvious that they delight in traveling only as long as it's approved by the mainstream?

They're positive that society won't change. Yet when young, they dreamt about immortality, ideal relationships, and perfect worlds. We are still kids in our thoughts.
We'll build a cult based on rational thinking.