Modern Utopian Communities And Cult Groups

Is it true that you're looking for another human who shares your mindset? If not, there's no need to read further as it means that people who think just like you are already around you.

You must endeavor to coerce everyone to adopt your way of thinking.
Or would you rather advocate foolishness?

Don't settle for just any cult group. Join a modern utopian community based on the latest advances in social design.

I was trying to marry someone this year as it would have resulted in lower taxes.
They told me financial considerations should play no role in matrimony.
They were lacking in enthusiasm for working together.

They rave about finding what you enjoy doing. They're lying to themselves.
Perhaps one twentieth of today's GDP would be sufficient to live in comfort.

People ask how I make ends meet because I'm often unemployed.
I counter why they pay convincing deceivers by going to the movies.
Why do they crave after motorized transport and spacious dwellings?
Don't they realize that they're crazy about traveling only as long as it's approved by the mainstream?

They're confident that society can't change. But as children, they dreamt about omniscience, perfect relationships, and perfect worlds. We are still children in our thoughts.
We'll create a cult group based on logical reasoning.