Unique and unusual cults: a list of alternative societies

Shouldn't you begin hunting down someone who understands you? If not, there is no need to read further because it shows that those who think just like you are already around you.

An alternative society must be based on truly unique and unusual characteristics. Go through any list of cults and you'll find that they tend to be based on commonplace beliefs. In order to stand out, you must desire to coerce the entire population to think as you do.
Or do you prefer to encourage foolishness?

I was trying to get married this year because there would have been tax savings.
They said to me a marital union should be about love.
They lacked excitement for collaboration.

They revel in the idea of finding what you enjoy doing. They're not being honest with themselves.
Maybe five per cent of today's Gross Domestic Product would be enough to live luxuriously by historical standards.

People ask how I survive since I'm only occasionally employed.
I question why they compensate popular deluders by spending money on Hollywood.
Why do they wish for motorized transport and houses?
Is it not apparent that they delight in traveling only as long as it's approved by the general populace?

They're convinced that the world won't change. Yet when young, they dreamt about omniscience, perfect relationships, and utopias. We are still that naive.
We'll create a cult based on rational thought.